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We all know homemade food is usually healthier than the expensive highly processed products that are heavily marketed for our kids lunchboxes. 

We have created a range of healthy, cheap and tasty lunchbox recipes that can be made ahead ready to pop in the lunchbox on those busy weekday mornings.

Dale photo crispy chickpeas.JPEG

Crispy chickpeas

Pita crisps.jpg

Pita crisps


Basic muffin

muesli slice.png

Muesli slice

Banana bread2.jpg

Banana bread


Savoury scrolls

Apricot balls.jpg

Apricot bites

Choc Balls.jpg

Choc balls

Ants on Log.jpg

Ants on a log

Sandwiches and salads

There are loads of sandwich and salad combos to choose from. Here are a selection of our favorites.

Egg and salad sandwich.jpg

Egg & lettuce sandwich

cous cous salad (2).jpg

Cous cous salad

Sandwich sushi.jpg

Sandwich sushi

tuna and bean salad.jpg

Tuna & four bean salad

chicken avo wrap Cropped.jpg

Chicken & avo wrap

bean salad.jpg

Balsamic bean salad

Left-overs for lunchboxes

If sandwiches or salads are not going to tempt your child's taste buds then try a recipe that provides enough leftovers to pop in the lunchbox for the next day. Here are our some of our favourite "leftovers for lunchbox" dishes.  

roasted pumpkin frittata.jpg

Roast pumpkin frittata

Meatballs on stick.jpg

Mini meatballs

corn fritter 2.jpg

Corn fritters

mini quiches.jpg

Mini quiches

Chicken nuggets.jpg

Chicken nuggets

Rice paper rolls 2.jpg

Rice paper rolls

Need more inspiration?

The Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council have created a bunch of lunchbox sandwich, wrap and roll recipes that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. 

Looking for more sandwich alternatives? The Cancer Council have come up with plenty of sandwich alternative recipes and lunchbox combos.